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Viaggio italiano

Viaggio italiano – the classic „Italian Journey“ prompted a German aristocrat to focus his musician’s attention on the works he heard in Italy. On this CD cellist Christoph Dangel presents beautiful rare sonatas from Italian composers which are preserved in the

huge library of this German aristocrat,

Rudolf Franz Erwein von Schönborn.



Christoph Dangel – cello
S. Ciomei – Harpsichord
R. Conte – theorbo/baroque guitar
M. Miribung – cello continuo
M. Hirasaki – violin
D. Sinclair – Violone

Cello Sonatas by Platti, del Cinque, Romanelli, Vivaldi, Paganelli and Basani

German harmonia mundi (Sony music)


NZZ, Nov 2013
“In the slow movements, Dangel’s powerfully flowing playing is the undisputed focal point, while the fast movements benefit from the rhythmic verve of the whole ensemble. You can feel that there is a lot of passion in the play, the plea for the newly discovered chamber music from the Count’s collection succeeds intoxicatingly.”

Die Welt, July 2013
“Dangel succeeds in an “Italian journey” that is as enjoyable as it is inspired into areas that are less familiar in terms of sound.”

Basler Zeitung, July 2013
“Dangel is a spirited player who, in addition to the expressive register, also cultivates the sharp attack and alludes to the cliché of the streamlined, pleasing late baroque with determination and skill.”

Music and Theater, August 2013
“Dangel trusts historical performance practice, plays lean and light, with a beautiful, full tone and a wide range of expression.”

Toccata, 70/2014
“The slow movements have turned out to be extremely expressive. (…) In the fast movements, the dance character comes across perfectly; some may find it hard to keep their feet still.”